Two Pantoums for Soprano and Piano

Anthony Ritchie Opus 115

Two reflective songs using poems by Cilla McQueen. The first draws on images of the sea. The second bemoans the destruction of a hill by sluicing.

Click this link to listen to these songs performed by Anna Leese and Tom McGrath on Bandcamp.

Programme Note

These songs were commissioned by and written for Geoknil Biner-Meyer and Tom McGrath, as part of my work at the University of Otago. Initially, Cilla McQueen offered me the poem 'Bluff Pantoum' to set to music. After the commission from Geoknil and Tom I requested another pantoum from Cilla, and she obliged with 'Mining Lament'. A pantoum has 4-line stanzas, rhymes, and repeats lines in the following pattern:

A B C D - B E D F - E G F H - G I H J etc

The poem Bluff Pantoum was written in 2003 for a friend of the poet's, to give to her husband on her birthday. It draws on images of the sea which dominate the environment of Bluff, in Southland. Mining Lament (2004) bemoans the destruction of a "golden hill" in Riverton, Southland, by sluicing.

Buy the right to download a single pdf score, online, and permission to duplicate or print it as required for one soprano: NZ$15.00

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