String Quartet No 2

by Anthony Ritchie, for string quartet, Opus 105

This work is in four movements and is designed for professional players.

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Published by Promethean Editions

Programme Note

Melodic ideas and motifs are derived from a magic square by Renaissance artists Albrecht Durer, which appear son the woodcut called 'Melancholia'.

The first movement is energetic in character, while the second is sad and melancholic, with a slowly rocking idea being suggestive of a lullaby. The third movement is obsessive in rhythm, with a gentler contrasting middle section. After a reflective opening, the finale burst into a rustic, dance-like mood. Towards the end, various motifs from earlier movements are integrated into the texture and the work ends with a flourish.

This is a substantial, yet approachable work for professional musicians.