Goodbye to Blues

by Anthony Ritchie, for symphonic or concert band, Opus 49

A lively and slightly jazzy piece that shakes off the 'blues' that sound at the start. Designed for a youth concert band.

Programme Note

This work attempts to shake off 'the blues' with playful and vigorous musical ideas. It starts slowly and in sombre mood but this is quickly swept aside by a jolting 'allegro'. A number of motivic-like themes are presented, and linked together during the piece. The syncopated idea at the beginning recurs as a kind of rondo theme in this one-movement work.

'Goodbye to Blues' was commissioned by the Christchurch Youth Symphonic Band and CSM, with funding from Creative NZ. It was first performed on the band's tour of Hawaii, in 1992. While presenting some challenges to younger players it is not overly demanding in terms of technique.