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Flute Sonata

for flute and piano, by Anthony Ritchie Opus 135

A sonata in 3 movements that captures many different characters of the flute and is accompanied by an exciting piano part.

Programme Note

The Flute Sonata was composed for Alexa Still, and is in three movements:

The first movement is characterized by strong accents and motor rhythms. A wedged-shape opening theme is contrasted with a darker, smoother second theme. The movement has traces of sonata form though the structure is treated with freedom. A mysterious middle section builds to a climax, leading to a highly truncated and varied recapitulation.

In the second movement a florid flute melody contrasts with a heavy chordal motif on the piano. The somber mood is lightened a little by a higher pitched second idea that, nonetheless, has a rather sinister character. Towards the end, the flute part becomes freer in rhythm, like a small cadenza, and anticipates ideas in the third movement.

This final movement is connected to the second without a break, and is dance-like in mood. A quirky opening theme builds to a more robust second idea. As these ideas are developed a waltz-like section appears on the piano, contrasted with a more lyrical theme on flute. A reversed recapitulation of themes leads to a quicker coda, and the work ends with a flourish.

Total duration: 14-15 minutes

Dedicated to Alexa

Buy the right to download a single pdf score, including flute part, online, and permission to duplicate or print it as required for one flutist: NZ$25.00

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