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Daydream by the Clutha

for piano, by Anthony Ritchie, Opus 215 (2022)

Daydream by the Clutha was composed on request from Rae De Lisle for publication in her pedagogical volume of New Zealand piano music entitled Fit 4 Piano Etudes: 12 etudes by New Zealand composers. It is designed for intermediate to advanced pianists.

Daydream by the Clutha captures a scene by one of Aotearoa's biggest rivers, the Clutha, which runs from the Southern Alps down to the sea in Otago. It describes the ebbs and flows of the water, and the play of bright Central Otago light on the water. The music reflects on the beauty of the river but also the environmental challenges it has faced; the tranquility of the music is tinged with sadness.

To buy the publication follow this link: https://www.fit4piano.co.nz

Listen to Melody Deng play Daydream by the Clutha