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Caroline Bay Suite

for piano. Anthony Ritchie Opus 94

Simple pieces describing memories of Caroline Bay in Timaru. Four pieces, for younger pianists, about grade 3-4.

I - Sunrise over the bay
II - Children Playing
III - Running on the Beach
IV - Carnival

Caroline Bay Suite was commissioned in 1999 by the Timaru Branch of The Institute of Registered Music Teachers, and was written for young pianists of grade 3 or 4 level. There are four pieces, which were inspired by frequent stops at Caroline Bay while the composer was travelling between Dunedin and Christchurch.

Sunrise over the Bay
On a calm, still morning the sun rises over the water, represented by slowly ascending melodic lines. We see light playing on the gentle waves. This piece has expressive lines in both hands, and explores the whole register of the piano.

Children Playing
The beach is a wonderful place for children to play. In this piece we see them hopping, jumping, circling around, and having a generally good time. This piece is good for articulation, and contains several quirky ideas.

Running at the Beach
New Zealanders have a passion for outdoor exercise, and in this piece we watch a lone runner pacing along Caroline Bay. She gets closer and then disappears into the distance. The music has a modal character, and uses an ostinato.

During the Summer holidays there is always a carnival, or fair held at Caroline Bay. This piece re-creates the light-hearted atmosphere of the carnival, and features a heavy bass melody and loping right hand part.

These pieces were inspired by frequent stops at Caroline Bay while the composer was travelling between Dunedin and Christchurch. They are aimed at about grade 3-4 level.

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