Line Dances

by Anthony Ritchie, for piano, Opus 156

Music for a dance film by Daniel Belton.

Programme Note

This music was commissioned by Daniel Belton and Good Company for his dance film, entitled Line Dances. It was written for performances in the Otago Festival of Arts, October 2010. The recording and first performances were played by the composer, in collaboration with Daniel Belton. The premiere took place in the Metro Cinema, Dunedin. The music is for 6 short films, each informed by an art work by Paul Klee. The music to these dances is intended to be performed as concert music, or prior to a screening of the films. The films themselves contain elements of the music, crafted into a soundscape by Belton. See www.goodcompanyarts.com.

Line Dances - The Prelude

For the film viewings at the Metro Anthony Ritchie telescoped the music from these 6 movements into a 10-minute prelude for piano. This prelude is also available for public performance.