by Anthony Ritchie, for gamelan, Opus 144

This piece was composed for Puspawarna Gamelan, the community group based at the University of Otago, and given its first performances in 2009. It has been recorded on a University of Otago Music Department CD by the ensemble.

Programme Note

This piece was composed for Puspawarna Gamelan at Otago University for a performance in October, 2009. There is a traditional gamelan score plus a score using Western notation, which is a guide to the composer's intentions. Individual parts may be improvised around, although the main theme and its echo at the end should be preserved as indicated in the score. There are embellished solos written out for gender, 1st saron, bongang panerus, bongang, gambang and kandang which are not notated fully in this score - refer to the western notation for these solos in full. The word 'ring' is used to indicate the sound being sustained and not dampened. Different octaves within one instrument: different octaves are used within the range of the gender and gambang - refer to the Western notation for the actual pitches intended.